Maximize your income.

Make the most of the money you have by prioritizing the things that matter the most today and planning for your needs of the future.

Available on Android, coming soon to iOS.
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Works with major Nigerian banks and financial institutions

Your money can go farther

How you manage your finances dictate your likelihood of achieving your financial goals and Evi helps you do just that.
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Account Integration

See what’s happening with your money across all bank accounts

  • Securely connect your bank accounts.
  • Automatically import up to date transactions.
  • View all your account activity in one place.
evi accounts integration
Budgets & Categories

Create flexible spending plans that you will actually stick to

  • Create budgets.
  • Designate spending categories.
  • Set goals for savings, investment or an emergency fund.
evi budgets feature
Subscriptions Tracker

Get a handle on those pesky subscriptions

  • Add products and services you're subscribed to.
  • Receive reminders when it's close to your payment date.
  • Evaluate new and existing subscriptions.
evi subscriptions feature
Simple Reporting

Find and plug holes in your finances, no spreadsheets required

  • Understand spending habits with simple reporting.
  • Find excess expense areas to optimize.
  • Always know how much you have available to spend.
  • Direct spending to what matters the most.
evi reports feature

Start crushing your financial goals

Get in early on grandfather discounts and much more goodies on the Evi app.

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Here’s some stuff you may be wondering about. Feel free to send a message if you have more questions.

How much does Evi cost?
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Evi costs less than you spend on mobile data in a month.

When will the iOS app be available?
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The Evi iOS release is currently in beta. You can reach out to our team if you'd like to try it early.

Is my account secure after connecting to Evi?
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Account connections are secured via industry standard protocols, and Evi has no access to your login credentials or funds in your account.

What happens to my data?
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We take data security and privacy seriously, as is documented in our privacy policy. Your data is securely stored and managed by a trusted partner and will not be accessible to any third party users. You can request a disconnection and deletion of data from any connected account at any time simply from the mobile app.

Why should I choose Evi vs alternatives?
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One word - results. After trying several alternatives for ourselves, we decided to build Evi with delivering actual results for your finances in mind. Provided you follow our prompts and practices consistently, you can be assured of getting a hold of your finances with Evi.

More questions?

Send a message. We will try to reply as quickly as possible.

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